Humble beginings of our founder Late Mohammed Jamal Mir Lead us to this day. From a small town in the Himalayas was a visionary who created what is now a conglomerate of cottage industries back in the early 20th century. With a focus on handmade craftsmanship and the highest quality. The enterprise has received world-recognition since the mid 20th century. Now into its 4th generation the tradition and craftsmanship continues to this day in every masterpiece created by JAMAL MIR. learn more
Late Mr. Jamal Mir (1910-1990) was the founder of our company. His vision and creativity brought art and weaving to a new level of streamlined and quality controlled production in the early 20th century. Through decades of quality hard work and creating master pieces, JAMAL MIR is a name often taken along with masterpieces created in India. learn more
JAMAL MIR is the Official Supplier to the Govt of India His Highness Governor of Maharashtra and Governor of Kashmir. JAMAL MIR has the honour of winning BEST EXPORT PERFORMANCE AWARD from the President of India. JAMAL MIR is the Sole Supplier to 5 Embassies in India. JAMAL MIR has been certified by the Government of India. Tourist Office Mumbai for its Fair Prices and Quality. learn more

  • Carpets

    A thing of Beauty is a joy forever an adage perfectly defines our fine Silk Carpets.

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  • Pashminas & Scarfs

    The finest wool known to mankind, derived from Capra Hircus in Northern reaches of the Himalayas. Woven by hand, sheared with responsibility, and woven into magical creations.

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  • Ethnic wear

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  • Jewellery

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  • Artifacts

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Over a 100 years of history behind us the weight of 3000 weaving families. JAMAL MIR continues its journey into th e future without compromise in its principles of purity and craftsmanship in its products.

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The products created with fine quality have only been available at the exclusive showrooms of JAMAL MIR throughout the history from pre-Independence India to the modern-day high-end showroom

Jamal Mir believes in offering high quality retail spaces on environment of luxury and convenience through the design and concept of its retail spaces